Episode 9. Long Term English Learners. Separating Myth from Reality.

If students are expected to reach full proficiency in English within 5-7 years, what should we do about those who don’t? In a 2010 landmark report, Laurie Olsen wrote about the “Reparable Harm” of Long Term English Learners (LTELs) in California. Because of state and federal language policy, this widespread issue affects most U.S. schools and districts.

Nearly ten years after the report, what do educators understand about this group of students and how to help them? What are the myths surrounding their needs? We discuss English Learner education policy and how best to reach kids who are not meeting standards. Full citations are in our Zotero library.

Production note: This is our last show before summer vacation. We will only be producing shows about once a month until school gets back in session for the fall.

2 thoughts on “Episode 9. Long Term English Learners. Separating Myth from Reality.”

  1. Very interesting discussion. One suggestion — please say her name – Dr. Laurie Olsen. The listener keeps hearing “she said” etc., but it would be helpful to use the researcher’s name.

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