EdPod is a podcast about educational research trends affecting classroom teachers. You can find our Zotero bibliography of all the articles and resources we mention here. Though most require an academic subscription to access, a few are available openly. Please join us every other Monday by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts and rate us on iTunes.

Dr. Eric Claravall is a classroom special education teacher and a professor of education. His main research interest falls within the intersection of text-based literacy development, digital literacies, and disciplinary literacy. He is also interested in how digital literacies could reposition student’s identity as a “dis-abled” learner. He is currently studying historical thinking and the role of morphological awareness in reading complex texts. You can find links to his many conference presentations and published articles here. He is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Darren Battaglia is a middle school, math teacher. He has been a high school administrator, coordinator of a new teacher induction program, and district ESL specialist. His areas of interest are new teacher training and using data analytics to predict student outcomes. He is currently based in Portland, Oregon, where he specializes in his other interest – sipping the fine pinot noirs of the Willamette Valley.

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